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Control your home’s temperature for advanced comfort.

Evolution Control Thermostats

Our Top of the Line Thermostats Programmed for Fool-Proof Ease. The Evolution™ Control thermostat simplifies home comfort with 7-day programming of temperature, humidity and air quality. Large-button, easy-read screen, multi-zone settings and optional remote access assure superior performance. Models: SYSTXBBUIZ01-B, SYSTXBBUID01-B, SYSTXBBSMS01, SYSTXBBSAM01, SYSTXBB4ZC0, 1SYSTXBBNIM01

Preferred Programmable Control Thermostats

A Programmable Thermostat for the Rest of Us.  The York Preferred Programmable thermostat offers the lastest in slim, pleasing aesthetics to enhance any room, and it makes programming a snap. You can plug the optional ExP® memory card into your computer’s USB port, or open the face and use the easy-to-understand buttons. Models:T6-PRH, T6-PHP, T6-PAC

Preferred Non-Programmable Control Thermostats

Touch-n-Go Simplicity in a Sleek, Thin Non-Programmable Thermostat.  Three simple buttons — home, away or sleep — tell your thermostat where you’ll be, and provide the best in energy savings throughout the day. And at just 8/10ths of an inch, it looks fantastic in any room. Models:T6-NRH, T6-NHP, T6-NAC

Zone Perfect Zone Control Thermostats

The Total Comfort Thermostat Programmed for Top Efficiency.  York’s Zone Perfect digital thermostat lets you program temperature and humidity levels in 7-day cycles, variable in up to 8 zones. You’ll enjoy both greater comfort and lower energy costs, all from a single, powerful source. Models: ZP Plus 2-Zone, ZP Plus 4-Zone, ZP Plus 8-Zone

Legacy Programmable Control Thermostats

Legacy Programmable Thermostat Makes Simplicity Look Great.  The Legacy Programmable Thermostat keeps your family comfortable. And since it’s so simple to program schedules for both the work week and weekend, saving money on your energy bills will be easy, too. Models:T2-PHP, T2-PAC

Legacy Non-Programmable Control Thermostats

Legacy Non-Programmable Thermostat Puts a New Face on the Basics at just over an inch in width, the Legacy Non-Programmable Thermostat adds a simple but attractive look to your home. And because you’ll find it so simple to use, your family’s comfort is only a button click away. Models:T2-NHP, T2-NAC

Legacy Zone Perfect 3-Zone Control Thermostats

Manage Both Temperature and Humidity from a Single Source.  The energy-efficient Legacy Zone Perfect 3-Zone Control thermostat regulates temperature and humidity in up to 3 zones, adjusting comfort levels to specific areas. It offers either programmable or non-programmable versatility, too. Models: ZONEBB3ZAC01, ZONEBB3ZHP01